Sustainability - Greenpackaging - Live the Difference with OGD

We try to ensure that every step of the path travelled, from the farm to your family, has a healthy approach to sustainability.

Our Milk: Is sourced locally from Farmers who provide the best possible nutrition, care and grazing for their cows. All milk is tested to help ensure it is antibiotic free.

Our Factories seek to use Water Wisely. We do this through our water life-path which better prevents water from being lost or wasted as well as cleans water to recycle for downstream purposes.

Our Packaging is increasingly Eco-friendly. We use plant-based packaging to better ensure sustainability, renewability of packaging sources and recycling of used packaging.

This also helps reduce our company’s carbon footprint!

Our Future is a shared one. Therefore, community development, support and outreach have been and will always be important to us. We believe in investing in individuals, teams, schools and outreach programmes. Across a variety of focuses and types of interventions. This is because We Care and Believe in Our Shared South African Future!