Our Beginning (1927 - 1932)

Orange Grove Dairy was started in an Orange Orchard in the town of Dundee. Cecil Durham, a motorbike mechanic, and his wife Sheila bought 7 cows. They started delivering milk using a bicycle to local Dundonians. Slowly both their business and their family grew. By the time their son Glyn was born, it was time to move their dairy to a new location. Around 1932 Glynton Farm, nestled in the Biggersberg foothills on the outskirts of Dundee, was purchased. After relocating to Glynton, a daughter, Winsome, was born.
Sheila and Cecil Durham

Our Journey (1932 - 2019)

The Orange Grove Product Range continued to expand to include Orange and Guava Juice as well as Maas. Donkey carts replaced bicycles for deliveries. The Herd of Jersey cows, officially named the Glynton Jersey Herd, also continued to grow. Over time it became world renown as a forerunner in pedigree Jersey breeding and in its approach to dairy farming. To make space for the growing factory and herd, the Glynton Jersey herd was moved to Ashdene Farm. By 2019, the Orange Grove Product Range comprised: Milk, Maas, Cream, Yoghurt, Juices, Long Life Milk, Long Life Juices and Amahewu.
Orange Grove History
To meet the growing demand for their products, Orange Grove invested in a fleet of trucks. Which resulted in delicious nutritiousness Orange Grove products being distributed across multiple provinces. Believing in their potential and successful future, the Orange Grove Management made considerable investments in expansion of factory capacity. The factory complex expanded to house 6 world class factories (Milk, Maas, Yoghurt, Juice, Long-Life Milk and Long-Life Juice and Amahewu). Additionally, to keep up with demand, an onsite Nampak packaging factory was built at the farm. This Nampak factory was the first of its kind to be based at a private Dairy.

Disaster: The 1st April 2019

On the 1st April 2019, an unimaginable disaster struck. A fire destroyed 5 of the 6 factories. When it became apparent that the fire was out of control, the Orange Grove management set about rerouting milk. This was to ensure that not one drop was wasted. Suppliers, Partner Companies, Friends, Family and Our Communities rallied around Orange Grove. Production was temporarily outsourced to partner dairy factories and a coordinating depot was established outside Howick. This ensured that our customers could continue to get their favourite Orange Grove products while the onsite factories were rebuilt. Out of the ashes a determined CAN-DO Attitude and Team emerged.
Orange Grove


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From its beginning the CAN-DO Team believed that a New and Better Orange Grove could emerge from the disastrous fire. A plan forward, based on Orange Grove’s quality-product reputation, trusted and well-loved brands as well as community roots, was put into action. Through hard work, determination and many-hands this plan resulted in most of the factories being rebuilt by mid-2021. Thus, production no longer had to be outsourced, full product ranges were back on shelves and a new look was unveiled. To add to the excitement new products, such as an ancient grain and yoghurt blend called multiGo, were launched. Orange Grove’s CAN-DO Team strategy is proving successful and Orange Grove has stepped into its New Future!
Orange Grove

Our Future

The Rebuilt Ultra-Modern, World-Class and High-Tech factory complex has improved efficiency as well as capacity. As of April 2021, its roof space is approximately the same as 6 soccer fields (+42 840 m2) and its actual factory floor area is much bigger! Production processes are better streamlined and even more efficient than before. Thereby creating additional quality assurance. During COVID Orange Grove was able to coordinate and assist with COVID relief programmes. As a result of partnering with Suppliers and Farmers as well as King Goodwill Zwelithini and Dr Mangosuththu Buthelezi, a very successful feeding programme was run. Despite the challenges of Rebuilding and COVID, during 2020 the Orange Grove team launched new products, unveiled redesigned packaging and formed a new partnership with the Comrades Marathon.