Our staff are important to us

We believe that their happiness and health make a difference to ensuring a better future for all of us. During covid we divided our team into social distancing groups so that everyone could keep their jobs while remaining safe and healthy. Across the property and throughout our factories, there are sanitising stations, safety protocols and laundry facilities. At the end of every day and night shift we sanitise-fog the premises.

Every staff member was given reusable cloth masks and provided with access to sanitising necessities as well as information to help better protect themselves. We supply all our staff members and their families with multi-vitamins and a weekly maas to help keep their immune systems strong. Should anyone need to isolate we assist them by sending our sanitising team to deep clean their homes. Annually, staff members are offered a flu injection, paid for by Orange Grove. We continue to provide support and assistance to those who work for and with us. This is because we know that while each of us has to be responsible to stop the spread and decrease the impact of covid, we are a team that helps each other.

Indigens Must Be Remembered and Supported

Orange Grove Caring Hands Maas Donations COVID

We foresaw that the shutdown of schools, workplaces and community centres would have a tremendous and disastrous effect on many people’s lives. So we put together a plan to assist those who are marginalised and the most vulnerable within our communities.

One of our initiatives was to coordinate a partnership with our farmers, suppliers and key community leaders, such as King Goodwill Zwelithini and Dr Mangosuththu Buthelezi. This feeding focused initiative provided Isibhakela Full Cream Maas to those who needed food most. Maas is a traditional African food staple that is highly nutritious and assists in boosting immune systems. Because of these and other valuable inherent qualities Maas is an ideal food source, especially during disasters and when trying to assist people.

Corona on surfaces
Contact us for further information on what we are doing to assist our Orange Grove Family as well as our fellow South African’s.