Latest and Continued Intervention:

Orange Grove together, with partners, took the initiative to identify some of the poorest communities that were negatively impacted by the unrest and violence in KwaZulu Natal in July 2021. For these communities the negative impact continues and access to basic necessities, such as food, is dire. Those poorest communities which are given precedence within this programme are the ones that did not participate in looting and rioting, but have never-the-less been negatively impacted.

Some of the most severely impacted communities are, for example:

Each food parcel contains:

This combination of foods has been selected specifically because they are high in nutrition, assist with boosting immunity and gut health and keep people full. They are also able to be easily shared within a household and can be stored in a cool place.

Together with the Inoki and community leaders, the Orange Grove staff distribute the parcels to those who need them most. By the 27th September, there had been 3750 food parcels given out.

Should you wish to be part of and support this initiative, please contact us. We would like to continue distributing food parcels for a long as possible and to as many communities as we can. However, to do this we need people, businesses and organisations to join us in this initiative.

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